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View a video here of Julie leaving porn. As most of you know Julie, formerly known as Sierra Sinn, left porn on June 20, and after on year of working VERY hard to rebuild her life, she is on her way home to her family where she will reunite with her parents and raise her five year old daughter!

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My name is Shelley Lubben and I am a former porn actress who MTV Producers have been filming speaking to porn stars who may want to get out of the industry. Not to mention, we need a serious Pink Cross Family picture!! I encourage you to cry out to Him and to seek Him with your whole heart.

Yeah, there was a lot of posts. Pretty cool to go from ex porn star to Chaplain to the porn industry!!

At that point I was irritated with her; I just skimmed it. Is your boyfriend nice and helping you? If you can swing it and you want to come please message me and I can let you know which hotels are available, etc…. She never wanted to talk about money or anything positive about it, or even parties and fun times that we had. I realize not you may not be able to fly here but I wanted to extend the invitation anyways. I know you did take a job bagging groceries — what did you end up receiving from her? She has three kids and they live on a military pay which is nothing, and they are donating plasma just to make it.

My area of service will be to the porn industry. I was already feeling cast aside. How much time did you actually spend with her? I really feel Shelley preyed on that, and she found my sierra sinn escort of weakness, and tried to use and exploit it.

One of the most interesting things you forwarded me is the invitation to her Ordainment from February I had already gone home to Pennsylvania — and pretty much after I got home here they ceased contact with me completely. If you can come, plan to come for a few days and we can spend time together as a family in California.

Her reply to you is classic:. I am getting ordained by the leader of the Southern California Chaplains Association and will be part of the order of Saint Martin.

The order I am with is in honor of Saint Martin who is from Scotland and during the first three years of my Chaplaincy I would have to go to Scotland. It was rare, because she lived in Bakersfield. He loves you Julie. However, in the case of Shelley Lubben, her caricature of a predatory pornographer has been revealed to be nothing more than a projection of her own mindset and tactics.

Heck, we could do Baptisms at the porn conventions! Regarding the subjects and personal details that were covered in your videos for Shelley, you mentioned to me ly that there were certain things she wanted you to emphasize. Otherwise if you need help with a let me know. My daughter Tiffany works as a supervisor in Lancaster Pennsylvania so maybe I can ask her if there is an opening near you so you can work.

They never released that scene, but it scared me and it turned me off, and I felt like I went into a downward spiral. And that I was down for. Who did the actual filming of her video with you?

She was there the day that Shelley came, and thought that Shelley was a little weird. How cool is that?

I think it was just one of her Christian people. It was never my idea to change my MySpace photos. I just wanted help to get out, and she totally made it some Christian crusade. It was just so patronizing. She treated me like a poster child and dropped me like a habit.

How often would you meet in person?

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Did you apply for state aid yet and foodstamps? At the end of it was Shelley, with her arms open wide [laughs] luring me into her world. She exploited me worse that porno [did]. Yes, reality show about her helping girls get out of porn.

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To what extent did you want to leave or take a break from the adult industry, and to what extent were you anti-porn? I am being ordained as a Chaplain on April 4 and want to invite you to my family at my home where we will have lunch and fellowship after the ordainment. Then, with open arms and warm smiles, the victim is lured in. Tell me about Shelley Lubben — did she save you from porn?

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Was it MTV? Did you ever meet anyone who identified themself as being from MTV? I never met anyone from MTV. When she showed up at my house she had some random guy with her with a video camera. No, I was never ever informed she was putting my videos on YouTube. Why not work at Starbucks? There was shady stuff that went on, and that was my problem.

In Apriltwo months after that invitation, you wrote her back:. A friend of mine, actually, told me that they saw that video online. I will be able to do Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and anything pertaining to the spiritual needs of the people we are reaching out to. Could you imagine a tv show like that with all of America watching? On June 6,the following message greeted adult performer Sierra Sinn when she logged in to MySpace:.

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Did she ever tell you she planned to put them up on YouTube as part of her anti-porn campaign? Anyway, please let me know if you are interested in possibly leaving the industry and being filmed. All the girls who left porn are all struggling but it is building their character and they are learning to trust in God and He continues to bless them and help them. This is my little puppet that I helped out. I was told they were promotional videos for trying to get a show, a reality show.

It was insane.

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Now, THAT would be cool! I felt like he set me up to be in a crazy scene that was beyond what I was able to do. You mean a box full of Dollar Store items, such as candles, a crucifix bookmark, pink lip gloss and such? I wanted to get out, but, not to just fall by the wayside. Guess what? I want you to check out www. Who knows, maybe Disneyland one day? I doubt it, because I was sierra sinn escort partying then.

Honestly, I feel more used and tossed aside by her than I ever did from the porn industry. She had me all caught up in everything, and then she just pushed me aside. Sierra now lives in Pennsylvania, and I interviewed her earlier this month by telephone and Skype….

Yeah, I had a roommate there. Shelley told me to talk about, like, the rough stuff that happened, and the STDs; focusing on the negative.

Sierra sinn

Ah girl you need to let me know so me and my close team members can be praying for you. Yeah, and then she turns around and tells me to get a job at a grocery store. To Sierra Sinn, not so much. I read the MySpace and communications between you and Shelley that you forwarded me.

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My problem in porn was the back-hand deals where I was getting revenge-fucked, basically, by certain individuals. I would love to find you a good church you can go to so they can help you. Their plan is that the project will turn into a TV Show where the tv network would help the girls leave the industry and try something different in life. Could be an awesome opportunity for you. And at your own expense, too. Had you been posting on MySpace about your problems and frustrations before she contacted you?