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Though Operation Last Call put the padlocks on the Platinum Plus and Tunica Cabaret strip clubs, some worry the law can't keep them closed. Kelly adds, "Customers would actually get up on the stage and engage in fairly extensive sexual touching with the dancers on stage or two dancers with each other. Court documents also show one dancer telling undercover cops that strip club owner Ralph Lunati pays fines and attorney fees for dancers busted for lewd conduct.

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Action News 5 has obtained exclusive video that shows live sex acts on the stage of a strip-club. The shocking images led police to arrest the owners for promoting prostitution. The video is the evidence the feds say clinched their case against strip club owner Ralph Lunati. The video of girl on girl sex in one of Lunati's strip clubs is prostitution according to the feds. It shows girl on girl sex on the stripper stage at Platinum Plus Topless Club. The two girl shows had dancers on stage gratifying each other while customers gave them money.

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Pickings were real easy as all the males in attendance were older guys that I think were truck drivers 'cause they all had those WWF belt buckles. I won't argue about the narcotics but why do they got to mess wit' the pantheon of perversity and ban live sex shows?

CutTheDrakeDec 12, Dec 12, 3. One thread at a time they tear at the fabric of "exotic" culture.

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Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Early evening had younger girls who worked at the hospital stopping in for a drink with friends to make plans for where they were going to meet up that night.

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RickDec 12, Dec 12, 4. The "Club Playboy" was the shiznet when I was stationed there in the middle 80's. Refuge Forums. Dec 13, 5.

Oh well, X2 has some fond memories of jumping off into the minnow net too. May not still be there but it would be worth a look, the street was a big black stilleto heel shoe with lights around it. Share This Tweet.

Dec 13, 7. Discussion in ' Alabama Flyway Forum ' started by dixielabsDec 12, Big Al's Decoys.

Dec 13, 6. You could also get nookie at the Antenna Club -punk rock slam dance club- for free but the chicks were going to be on the strange side.

First the Prattville Ballet and now the Platinum, outlets for cultural expression are becoming few and far between. It was loaded with mid to late 30 something and early 40's divorcee women.

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For you single guys, there used to be a bar located sort of across the street from the hospital called the "Cruel Shoe". KwackerDec 13, Show Ignored Content. You ca The thing that torqued me was that you had a drink minimum before you ever set foot in the place and that "bartender" expected tips.