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Personal Skills:. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and start improving your life in just 5 minutes a day. Sadly, many of us have to deal with people being aggressive, whether as part of our work, or in the course of our daily lives.

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Laura and I were recently pulled over by a police officer while out riding our motorcycle. It was a beautiful Sunday and we had a great day. On our way home, about a block from home, there is a four way stop. I came to a complete stop but did not put my feet down and proceeded to make a right turn. Admittedly, I ran the stop because I did not put my feet down even though the Harley came to a complete stop.

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Being in opposition; opposed.

A hostile country. A hostile person.

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Interpreted the remark as hostile. Of or characteristic of an enemy; warlike. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an enemy.

An antagonistic person or thing. Dulce wasn't friendly, but she wasn't hostile either. Also Mentioned In. Words near hostile in the Dictionary.

An enemy in warfare. Filters 0. Never had she seen Alex so hostile - not even with Josh.

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Feeling or showing enmity or ill will. An example of hostile is walking up to a stranger on the street and screaming in their ear for no reason; a hostile act. A hostile force. His hostile gaze met hers.

Belonging or appropriate to an enemy ; showing the disposition of an enemy; showing ill will and malevolence, or a desire to thwart and injure; occupied by an enemy or enemies; inimical; unfriendly. The environment in the Arctic Circle is very hostile.

The definition of hostile is defined as aggressive, angry or unfriendly. Related articles.

Hostile Sentence Examples. He tucked his hands into his pockets and fixed Connie with a hostile stare.

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Hostile intentions. Having or showing ill will; unfriendly; antagonistic.

Origin of hostile. Home Dictionary Meanings Hostile.

Deating or of a takeover of a corporation against the wishes of its management. Not hospitable or compatible; adverse. Hostile to a sudden change. Unfavorable to health or well-being; inhospitable or adverse.