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Halifax, in comparison to many other major cities across Canada is a pretty small City. Some people will tell you that this is a negative, however having come from a big, cosmopolitan City prior to moving here, you can access most of the same type of conveniences of larger cities but without the frantic rushing or overwhelming of people.

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Looking for information on what areas to avoid in Halifax. Areas where drugs, homeless and such things are common. I have never felt unsafe in Halifax. There is no place where you are likely to go that would be a problem.

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Using the Halifax Regional School Board, Nova Scotia, as a case study, this research examines the effects of elementary school size and siting on mode choices and school busing.

Consequently, school consolidation and busing practices should be reconsidered in light of their negative impacts on the health and well-being of suburban and rural school children. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Add to Mendeley Share.

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In both the suburban and inner-city schools, a large proportion of students were chauffeured by car. Under a Creative Commons.

School size and siting impose constraints on mode choices, and these factors vary considerably along the rural—urban continuum. Keywords Active school travel.

Findings suggest that post school planning for rural areas around Halifax has paid insufficient attention to the potential for children to walk or bike to school. Data for 96 elementary schools in the school district are examined for statistical relationships between school and catchment area size, rural—urban location, and reliance on school busing.

However, in suburban, commuter belt, and rural zones, much less area fell within the pedestrian zone, and walkability declined considerably.