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Ever wanted to share a story with people who actually would understand? Use stories to do this. You can read other ABDL who have the same experiences. Have a pressing question? Want some advice?

Name: Carita
How old am I: I'm 34 years old

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Even on "normal" dating sites women never respond. I was talking to people back when the personals was very hard to navigate with the old site. Internet are just like that, you aren't gonna meet 'the one' right away. I dont blame them because Im sure they get spammed alot from guys.

None the less thanks for your post and have a wonderful day. I was curious about this, cause I have ed back and forth with a few girls on the personals area of this site but have never physically met anyone from there. I have to throw my two cents into the mix here along with all the other people on the positive side of things. My daddy and i met on the old diaper mates personal ad site that was run through here.

Whereas men have almost no luck at all meeting females in person. Right now, I'm only talking to one and that's diapergirl80, and we are in diaper personals same state! In truth, it is much easier to form friendships that could possibly lead to a relationship here than in real life because 1: we are a community that is centered around a similar shared enjoyment so there is always that single point of commonality, and 2: you have time to compose your thoughts and words - the ability to shape and reshape your ideas into a reasonable, coherent form unlike a real time true life conversation.

I too have e-mailed back and forth with a couple of girls but they eventually fall of the face of the earth. That is, that women have little or no problem meeting men on the personals new or old, yes I was a member way back when before there were ased member s and the old personals site with diaper personals of unattended female profiles mixed with males trying to get looked at.

She's a very sweet and caring young lady with a good head on her shoulders and has a life outside of this fetish. I've met more people through the boards here than on the personals. Online can also be just as good as at a party or in the office. Excellent points, Glenny! Nope, not gayand I did talk to Margy on the Dmates site, and got her to come back to the abdl story forum I have had like 90 profile views, and can only see 10 or 20 people that have viewed me, everyone else hides diaper personals something??

How many of them do you go on to have a relationship with? Never went anywhere, really. No other romance has come, but several superb friendships have come along - including one delightful lady who loves to wear nappies herself. I t is nice some have had luck. So don't complain that you cannot meet people through here. I either have bad luck or they just added to only lie to us men that are searching for that soul mate to have a family with.

Ya, I am currently single and do agree that a happy relationship cannont just revolve around diapers so to speak. Yes some women are assholes, just as some men are assholes. Even though I never looked for or met anyone from the personalI did find my daddy in the yahoo abdl chatroom when it existed.

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The new personals is much better though. I personally have had the best luck on vanilla personals like yahoo. THink of all the people you meet everysingle day. My tuppence worth of advice would be: be positive, look for the good things in a girl and be true to yourself. Impress with your communication and inter-personal skills - you may be surprised who turns up on your doorstep one day.

You gotta talk to lots of people out there! Diaper personals have met several lovely ladies from chat rooms, online and in person. Just nothing 'clicked' I love female company of any age as friends, and one day something more will happen! If you find a girl on a diaper website, then chances are you already know she likes diapers, so try asking her other questions about herself, and when you tell her about yourself, prove you have a life outside of diapers, by not mentioning them.

Of the 20 the majority did not want to persue it but were extremely understanding and non-judgemental tow me. I know her and her daddy were dancing for years before it came to fruition.

You never can tell. Personally, I have only met diaper personals people I have ever chatted with within the ABDL community, and no, that was not for any kind of relationship purposes. The reason people post on a diaper site is so they dont have to go through the whole awkward "coming out" stage with someone, thats covered at the beginning and then you can just get on with getting to know each other. You'd be better off kidnapping one off the street and just tell her how she's going to live the rest of her life sorry, was that dark?

If I went to any non-diapered singles event where there were 30 single and looking guys and lets say 2 woman here is what would happen Well, you know what would happen a lot of guys acting like jerks. I've been messaged through them. Hello and nice post After many years I have had no success with diaper personals. The women never respond, except for that diaperlover80 girl with all the butt pictures. Yet of the ish females the majority are Adult Babies themselves looking for well the Daddy.

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I have however met personally 5 of the twenty who did baby me and played "mommy" It is also very interesting that the majority had no clue at all about Adult Babies or Diaper Lovers. For the Adult Baby and even diaper lover male thats not very good odds. At least the ones I like. Being a minority here, women get a lot of s from a lot of men, many of diaper personals are just looking to get off.

Case in point, look at Tigger. One in SC looking to meet, I messaged back but never heard from him again. I know, she and I have spent many nights on IM talking about all kinds of stuff. It seems most of them are interested in other girls and not guys.

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I simply state diaper personals part of my life is "different" Without playing games and at the right time I share with them my AB side. The ratio is like 2, to one on that personals site, it's so depressing. Gee, if you hold women in such high regard as that, it's no wonder you can't find one to date you! I can not seem to get a reply or time to chat with a nice girl.

I always have to butter them up with compliments to get some half assed response out of them, it's just one sided and not worth it, women are assholes, plain and simple. Its hard to let them know your genuine and they almost never respond. I have shared this info with about 20ish woman. Even lived with one for 3 years - but she couldn't accept me in nappies so we parted. Well, I've been a member of this board for a little over 2 years now and I know I haven't posted much, but it's mainly because of my full time college and full time work schedule.

I've messaged people through those boards. Sigh I just wish that the sex ratio was more even. I was the first one to speak to him I guess I just wasn't really one of those woman who are assholes. Some have even progressed to the point that if they needed help of some kind, I would see what I could do to provide assistance some more than others However, unlike the real world where there is that type of snap-decision hookup you appear to be looking for, women in particular cannot really make the additional evaluations that are provided by the non-verbal diaper personals of seeing someone i.

This was sort of an experiment, to which I already knew what the answer to it would be.

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Has anyone ever met someone from diaper personals and made a relationship out of it. I still enjoy my diapers though when I have time of course and I read these boards occasionally. I really enjoy talking to her, just wish I could be online more often when she is.

Even though it is an artificial virtual community, it is still a community none-the-less. My daddy got my attention because his didn't mention diapers in any way shape or form. I think the personals is a good place to meet others if your looking for romance, but just like any other personals, there are a lot of "fakes" and spammers out there. And as much like in real life, a persons attitude does much to progressing a friendship, and everything else will spring from that root. Heck, for mere safety's sake, I doubt there is a single woman on here that would meet someone without that long period of getting to know them first.

The joys of life. Fill me in, give me hope I'm in to girls AND guys. I have had a few guys contact me. By diapercjFebruary 19, in Meeting Place. Ive tried to meet girls on here but its almost impossible. However, I do think that I have many friends through here and other communities I belong to, that if given half the diaper personals, I might actually go see.

I remember her talking about finally going to visit around or so in the Yahoo chat room - please correct my dates there if I am wrong. Don't call people assholes for not responding to your pick-up lines. I've even talked to guys before, even though I'm totally straight, I've chatted with a few mainly in the chatroom. As we both had on a diaper website we already knew we were interested in them.